The Weltmeister W5

Prided as the Champion's Car, the Weltmeister W5 is a premium EV that has an NEDC range of 403 kilometers, and packed with smart features that can take you to the Living, EVolved experience.


Car specifications may vary from the model shown.

Options and features available are model-dependent.

Redefine the future of city driving with the next generation EV– the W5!


Living, EVolved


A Sustainable Future

WM Motor Philippines is passionate about giving Filipinos the opportunity to pave the way for a more sustainable, and environment-friendly future through the power of affordable,
fully electric EVs.

EVolve Life on the Road

WM Motor Philippines offers its customers the Living EVolved experience through the smart
features of its EVs from Smart AI navigation to interactive doors. Our EVs are more than just a car, they’re everyone’s road companion.

Maximizing Comfort & Style

WM Motor Philippines value both comfort,
and style by making sure that all our EVs
cater to both features so drivers will get
the most out of their life
on the road!