Home Charger

WM Motor EV Charger

Every owner of the Weltmeister W5 will drive home with the WM Motor 7kW AC Home Charger. This smart charging device can juice up your EV in the most effective, and efficient way. Apart from its easy installation process, it works perfectly well with the charging cable of the Champion EV.

Owning the champion’s car also needs royal treatment. So make sure to take into heart these tips in charging the W5:

  • Charge your W5 enough for the range that you need.
  • Do not overcharge your EV to maintain optimum battery life.
  • The charger - both home and cable, come with an automatic shutoff feature that prevents overcharging
  • Time your charge properly, and shut off the charger when the optimal range is reached

For more information about the W5 and WM Motor EV Charger you may reach out to us at