W5 Gentian Blue with male human

WM Motor

Consistent with the meaning of the German word “Weltmesiter”, WM Motors aims to be a champion in the automobile industry by redefining the way people travel. WM Motors was founded in 2015 under the leadership of Freeman Chen.

Within the span of 16 months, WM Motors was successful in constructing their first-ever 4.0 manufacturing plant in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. It’s the place where EX5 was born, the first EV of WM Motors. Their pioneer EV started hitting the market in September 2018, and its successor, the EX5-Z, sold over 30,000 units in 2020.


WM Motors takes pride in its mission to rev up the new economic engine through the power of full battery electric vehicles (BEV).

WM Motors has been consistent with its goal of successfully reducing the reliance on oil, strengthening the automobile industry through the power of EVs, and championing the protection of the environment. They are able to provide a new driving experience and change the way we travel at present by using innovative technology.

WM Motor Philippines

WM Motor Philippines (WMPH) is the first-ever full-play electric vehicle distributor outside of China. Signed by WMAP CEO Yedi Sondy, and WMPH CEO Rashid Deldgado, they will bring the brand’s vision to the country by being the exclusive car distributor and dealership of WM Motors inclusive of charging stations, services, and parts.

The first to lead the innovation of Philippine road travel is the Weltmeister W5 (EX5-Z), The Champion’s Car. Its showroom is located at 7NEO, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig where enthusiasts and potential owners of the W5 can catch a glimpse of the champion EV personally.

Living, EVolved

The technology behind WM Motors centers around the Living, EVolved experience, and it’s composed of four different parts: The Living Architecture, The Living Motion, The Living Pilot, and the Living Engine. These components make up the WM Motors EV models from its innovative technological structure to its AI support system that aims to give every family worldwide a smarter and more energy-efficient way of traveling.

WM Motors also understands the need for collaboration to fulfill its vision and mission so in 2011, WM Motors partnered with Skorpius Auto Limited, a Car Tuning and Export Trading company of British brand automobiles. WM Motors also acquired Polarsun Automobile in August 2017, a leader in licensed passenger automobiles in China.

WM Motors is committed to providing the best service and product in the EV industry by acquiring supplies from the automobile industry’s top supply chain.

Its local success–brought about its partnerships and collaborations – led the brand to start sharing its champion innovation throughout Asia which led to the formation of WM Motor Asia Pacific, the first step in bringing the WM Motor brand to the global market.